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What we do

Cirmar and the circular economy

Cirmar develops and offers concepts, products and tech applications to support and grow a circular economy.

With Cirmar’s products and applications we support our partners to transform materials into resources, energy and carbon savings. Through Cirmar we establish a worldwide system on circular products, components and (secondary) raw materials. Our goal is to provide customers with the necessary tools to create a circular system and contribute to the achievement of the UN sustainable Development Goals.

Together with our partners we pursue and facilitate a shift from fossil to urban mining in order to support future economic developments, at the same time safeguarding both natural resoruces and the environment. After all, a smart contribution to raw materials scarcity reduction enables reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption. This requires a circular design as well as product identification through a full supply cycle: production – use stage – end of use  – dismantling – reverse logistics – reuse, repare, refurbishment, recycling – next use application.

The IP on C_products is held by Cirmar.

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