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About us

Raw materials are scarce and are becoming increasingly scarce, especially in Europe. Using less raw materials only delays the inevitable just a bit: they run out. This scarcity requires a different view on raw materials: recovery should be the greatest source.

If we want to keep production in Europe or even partially re-install it, we will need raw materials. Since fossil resources in Europe are largely exhausted, we will have to take the step from ‘fossil to urban mining’. This requires circular design and dedicated management systems to be able to include our valuable products, components and materials in supply cycles, while preserving quality and value and without toxic effects on people and the environment.

So; no loss of valuable raw materials! In 98% of the cases current recycling is passive: only with the end-of-use product in our hands we start to think about ways to recover the different parts and raw materials. Our mission is to switch to active recycling. This means that in the design stage of a product it is already known how we can recuperate components and raw materials after a use period. This requires supporting tech systems, like Cirmars’, tailored to specific and more general circular challenges.

Our main topic is the regeneration of raw materials and other (natural) resources, at the same time improving our natural environment. We develop, deploy and help create views on a quantitative positive impact. We support companies, government bodies and (knowledge) institutions to turn linear production and consumption systems into a circular systems, whether or not based on the concept of Cradle to Cradle®. Our business partners are not only manufacturers, but also facility service providers, building and construction companies, wholesale organisations, financial organisations, waste management companies, policy makers and logistic companies.

Cirmar and FBBasic are connected companies led by Frans Beckers. We work with a core team, but moreover with an extensive network of specialists. Our people have a wide-spread and in-depth knowledge and experience in the circular world and have conducted many circular material projects.