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Circular products deserve dedicated tech tools

Cirmar enables the development and introduction of circular products, fostering a transition towards a circular economy. Identify and digitize your products and its material composition with C_passport®. Track, trace and preserve quality and value with C_bank®. Monitor and communicate impact using C_dashboard®. Let’s grow into a circular world, make sure that no raw materials are lost and contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Cirmar offers tech applications for circular products and concepts

Get a grip on your supply cycle, from prime sourcing and production to recuperation and next use applications. Working together with partners, facilitating a shift from fossil to urban mining. What we do

Our tools to start your circular processes

Taking first steps or growing further into the circular economy can be difficult. Cirmar provides tech tools that support all steps in your journey and transition to a circular system. Identify the product composition of circular and non-circular products with C_passport®. Measure and communicate product impact with C_dashboard®. Locate your products, components and raw materials position in your entire supply cycle using C_bank® and grow towards a zero-waste system with C_waste®. Secure your investment in circular products and concepts. Preserve your product quality and value. Save fossil raw materials consumption and enable reduction of CO2 emissions and energy usage. Our Products

Together we can create a circular world.

  • Rens van den Boorn

    Project Manager at Cirmar

    Sustainability and circular economy can be complex topics. Cirmar aims to mitigate complexity with the use of straight forward but innovative tech tools. A system change is much needed, start today!

  • Sjoerd Cuypers

    Marketing Manager at Cirmar

    As explained in the first sentence, Circular products deserve dedicated tech tools. And I think, Cirmar really is that dedicated tech tool that can help a lot. I believe that we can really head into a circular world with Cirmar. A perfect tool to help businesses change its mindstate towards a circular one.